Accredited Passive House Builders

Passive house and very low energy constructions – builders and construction workers get active

Passive houses represent both a high living comfort and radically reduced energy consumption. Far from being a niche product, a passive house embodies technological state-of-the-art with a mature and well-proven concept. By now numerous suitable products and components for passive houses are available on the market.

Also for builders and construction work force the realisation on very low energy constructions – like the passive house – mean a growing business opportunity. The fact that these special construction standards will be obligatory within the EU by 2020 only underlines the clear message: Only those well prepared and trained to implement these standards will be able to benefit from this future market.

Essential knowledge and skills will be made available within the Training “Accredited Passive House Builder” for all those part of the building and construction work force including installers for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Contents of the training

Contents of the training

The training "accredited Passive House Builder“ includes a total of 54 training units (6 complete days) as well as a written final exam. The structure foresees:

  • Theoretical basic training (3 days) for all construction professions on the topic of passive house construction
  • Specializing and practical training unit separately for either the building envelope or HVAC (each 2 days) where the expert trainers will demonstrate in a very hands-on method using demo-objects specifically create for this training how to go about at the construction site.
  • A final training unit (1 day) for all participants with the aim to repeat and concluded the learned knowledge. This unit also serves an exam preparation.